About Allergen Management

Hi. I'm Yasui, I'm in charge of manufacturing at NOGI.

Today, I would like to share with you some of our most important allergen management practices.

What is an allergen? You may be wondering what allergens are, but if you have food allergies, this is a very concerning term. An allergen is something that some people don't like and can cause a rejection of the body. It's not just food, but also pollen and house dust.

We do not allow wheat, eggs, and milk allergens into our factories. We purchase raw materials such as rice flour only after confirming.

When the raw materials arrive at the factory, we use a vacuum cleaner to remove foreign objects and debris from the bags and wipe them down with a cloth. Rice flour is stored in a separate room from soy flour, sesame, orange and almond flour. The production line is cleaned for several hours every day. After cleaning, we use inspection kits to check for allergens remains before production begins.

Kagawa Prefecture is called "Udon Prefecture" and there are many udon shops in our hometown. There are many stores that make udon noodles by kneading it in front of the store as people are having fun to look it. Therefore, in order to avoid bringing flour from getting on our bodies to the factory, our employees do not go to udon shops for lunch. Also, we do not allow factory tours. Although we are grateful for the opportunity to see the factory, it is a necessary measure to ensure that we are able to control allergens.

This has taken a long time, but that's it for today.

We will continue to do our best to provide you with safe and reliable sweets!


Manufacturing manager