The Joy of Choice.

The Joy of Choice.

I've been in charge of the sales department at NOGI for six years now. My name is Kubo.

We are made of food.

I was reminded of that simple fact by our company policy.

Ever since I was little, I've been eating bread with plenty of margarine on it. I didn't particularly care about my food for life; my diet consisted of fast food, pastries, and cheap and easy foods.

I think it was just about seven years ago that I started to feel bad.

Or maybe even longer. Maybe I didn't realize it because I was getting headaches every day, and I was taking headache medication every day.

I tried the things I saw on TV and on the internet that were good for me.

I tried supplements, exercise methods, and quit smoking, which I had been doing for over 20 years. And also my job.

That's when I moved to my current job.

I was shocked to hear the Representative of our company, Chujo, tell me that my body is not a trash can and that I should eat good and quality food.

After that, I avoided additives and wheat and continued to eat mainly brown rice and vegetables for about two years. It became a habit to look at the label on the back of the store from top to bottom when I went to the store.

I am now feeling better and no longer suffer from the recurring headaches that used to plague me almost daily.

The body is built by the choice of food, by price, by quality, by safety, and by the manufactures of the food.

I want to convey the importance of food that I have realized through our sweets.

I want to convey the joy of choice.

Toshihiko Kubo

Sales department

(Pictured is one day's lunch. It is good for the body.)