Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our customers.

  • Q.1 Is it completely free of allergens?
    We do not bring in any flour, eggs, dairy products, wheat or animal ingredients, and we do not use any of the production line equipment. Even in the food inspection data, no wheat or dairy products have been found the contamination. However, since the factories of our ingredient suppliers do not have facilities to avoid the contamination of wheat, eggs, and dairy products, unfortunately we cannot say that there is no possibility of contamination. In addition, we manufacture products made of soybeans, sesame, oranges and almonds in our factory. We clean the line after each production, but this does not mean that the products are immune to all anaphylaxis.

  • Q.2 Are there any food additives in it?
    As for "Aluminum Free Baking Powder (wheat free)" and "Trehalose" in some products, please confirm the raw materials of each product.

  • Q.3  Do you use white sugar?
    We do not use any white sugar.
    The sugars we use are:
    *Cane sugar: Less refined process, high in minerals.
    * Beet granulated sugar: This sugar is made from sugar beets, known as sugar beet radishes, and contains high levels of minerals.
    *Amazake:Made only from rice and rice malt. Contains lots of vitamin B complexes and amino acids.

  • Q.4 Do you inspect for radiation?
    Some products are regularly inspected for radioactivity. The raw materials used are from western Japan or overseas.

  • Q.5 Where can I buy the products?
    Available in our online store or at participating stores at

  • Q.6 What are the nutritional ingredients and allergy items?
    The product details on each product page are listed on. Products that are not partly listed will be analyzed and posted as needed.

  • Q.7  Which rice flour is used?
    We use rice from Kagawa or/and Toyama prefectures, as well as other rice production areas that have been adapted to their characteristics.

  • Q.8 Where do you use rapeseed oil from?
    The ingredients are non-GMO rapeseed from Japan and Australia, produced by the pressing method in Japan.
  • Q.9 Is the baking powder aluminum-free?
    We use an aluminum-free product that is free of wheat contamination.

  • Q.10 Does the amazake you are using contain alcohol?
    The amazake we use is made from rice malt, so it does not contain alcohol, unlike amazake made from sake lees.

  • Q.11 I would like to recommend these products to my friends. Do you have any product brochures or flyers?
    Thank you. Since we are happy to provide you, please call us or fill out the contact form.

  • Q.12 What does the carob powder?
    It is the casing and flesh of the legume Carob, a legume that grows along the Mediterranean coast. It is sometimes labeled as carob. Powdered, it is used as a substitute for cocoa powder as a fragrant and sweet food with a color similar to cocoa powder.

  • Q13 Is it possible to cancel or return an order?
    Yes. please contact us at this email address. (info@nogi-info.com)