About NOGI

Our company name, NOGI is a generic term for grains.
Using rice, which has been eaten by the Japanese since ancient times, we make healthy sweets that are made with consideration for the people who eat them. Our confectionery is based on the selection of safe and trustworthy ingredients, and we place great importance on making sure that everyone can enjoy our confectionery, whether it is for children with food allergies or for adults with dietary restrictions.

The three major food allergens, including gluten-containing wheat, dairy and eggs, have been completely eliminated. The rice flour is 100% domestically produced and contains no chemical seasonings or preservatives. We do not use caster sugar or animal fats, which can be hard on the body, and only plant and natural ingredients are chosen. Everyone can share the same snack together with a smile and a good time. Our goal is to create delicious, mindful and body-friendly sweets.

 <This is why people like them. Basic Ingredients>

※From left: Rice powder (100% Made in Japan),Cane sugar (100% Made in Japan),Salt (100% Made in Japan),Rapeseed oil (non-GMO)

In addition to these products, we also use Amazake made from rice malt from our hometown.
Since it is alcohol-free, expecting mom can also enjoy it with confidence.


<That is why it's a safe and secured product>

We do not bring in any flour, eggs, or dairy products into the factory, and we take measures to prevent allergens from contamination in with the wheat that might be brought in by adhering to clothing through air showers and thorough hygiene control. In addition, we regularly check the production line and products for gluten and casein contamination to create an environment where customers can enjoy their food with peace of mind.

・Confirmation of ingredients;

Confirmation of origin / secondary materials (additives, genetically modified or not, confirm for products in the same building, etc.)

・Measures to prevent allergens from contamination

Air showers, thorough hygiene management / No wheat, eggs, or dairy products are brought into the plant / Thorough checking of raw materials purchased / Allergen-free recipes, data retention / In-house quality control installation