Kid's cookies "SUN"

Kid's cookies
Following the blue package, Kids cookie "SKY", we would happy to introduce this crispy kid's cookies named "SUN", made with rice flour and soy flour today.

This pacage comes with an image of brightly smile like the sun. The design of each individual package inside is also cute and you will want to keep it.

The blue package SKY is free of 28 specific allergens. This orange SUN cookies are free of 27 allergens.

To ensure that wheat and daily products are not mixed in with the ingredients used, the factory has installed air showers and adhesive rollers to prevent contamination. In addition, we don't go out to lunch at noodle restaurant or bakeries due to avoiding any contamination from wheat ingredient (Even though here in our prefecture is very famous area for Noodle just for your information). Furthermore, we use inspection kits to check all our products for wheat and daily products contamination-free.

We manufacture our products every day wishing everyone can enjoy our products without any fear to allergic. Hope you just enjoy our cookies with your family and friends.