The big 8 of chewing

The big 8 of chewing
Chewing has a positive effect on many things.
How exactly?
Chewing well→ secretion of saliva → dissolving with saliva → tasting the sweetness of the ingredients, then delicious!

We would like you to experience the joy of eating.
The drool that babies often shed has antibacterial properties and also helps to digest food.

<The big 8 of chewing>
Prevention of obesity
Development of the sense of taste
Clearer pronunciation of words
Brain development
Prevention of dental disease
Prevention of cancer
Promotes the functioning of the stomach and intestines
Improves general fitness

Today, we eat more soft foods and chew less and less.
We want our children to learn to chew their food well from the very beginning, so that they can enjoy the taste of food and grow up healthy.
Two new flavours have joined the range! For you joy of choosing!