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The savory flavors of brown rice, soy and onion in these non-fried stick snacks go great with beer or wine!

Non fried stick

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Rice stick Buono!
Rice stick Buono!
Rice stick Buono!
Rice stick Buono!
Rice stick Buono!
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Grow your sense of taste. Rice Buono (BUONO - meaning delicious in Italian)
Practicing chewing when your child is just starting to eat.
By chewing firmly, you can develop your "sense of taste" for the taste of the ingredients and experience the joy of eating. No eggs, dairy products, and wheat flour are used, and domestic rice flour is used to make this snack suitable for children with food allergies.
The texture is firm and chewy. When broken into small pieces, it slowly dissolves with saliva. The sweetness and taste of the original ingredients.

Brown rice powder (Rice flour (Rice (Made in Japan)), Rice bran, Cornstarch, Soybean flour, Rapeseed oil, Cane sugar, Brown sugar


7 months

・For ages
over 1 years old

Keep away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity


・Nutrition facts
Per container: 32g
Calories: 125 kcal
Protein: 2.8g
Fat: 5.6g
Carbohydrate: 15.1g
Sodium chloride amount: 0g

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